The late great father of psychoanalysis, Dr. Sigmund Freud, famously said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” He may have been right, but then again, he never got the opportunity to spend time at Downtown Cigar Lounge, where a cigar, is never just a cigar.

Since its founding in December 2013, Downtown Cigar Lounge has quickly emerged as one of premier cigar destinations in Northeast Florida. Located at 11 North Ocean St. in downtown Jacksonville, DCL is nestled in the center of the city’s entertainment district coined “The Elbow”. DCL plays an active role in helping to cultivate the entertainment districts identity, which is a key part of the city’s marketing efforts, drawing in new patrons who often become regulars.

The building itself is the star of the show. Built in the 1900’s, the glass front door offers only the slightest hint of what awaits inside: 18ft exposed red-brick walls and a handcrafted wood bar that runs nearly the full length of the venue. Another major historical aspect and appeal of the venue is the remnants of a vintage Coca-Cola mural advertisement of the infamous “original recipe”, which is the focal point of the back-wall behind the bar. The lounge offers the current Coca-Cola version, along with assorted craft beers, wine, cocktails and soft drinks.

The main attraction, however, is DCL’s expansive variety of premium hand-rolled cigars. This growing collection is artfully showcased in customized cedar humidors. Along with several boutique cigar brands including our own house blend the “DCL Main Street”, our in-house Tobacconists pride themselves on bringing our patrons the latest in high quality premium hand-rolled cigars on the market.

DCL’s mission is to transcend the general public’s perception of the cigar culture. DCL has made a name for itself by not being the “average” Cigar Lounge. DCL regularly hosts a number of cigar events, tastings, focus groups and live shows. DCL is not just about cigars we are active in the community with our Downtown Cigar Lounge Art Initiative & Dialogue (DCL AID). DCL AID supports contemporary art and various local artists in Jacksonville. DCL is also a functioning art gallery where artist can display their works, hold art exhibitions and art lectures/dialogues. This out-of- the-box format is part of the appeal of DCL, which keeps our guests coming back to Downtown Cigar Lounge.
All of this revolves around the vision of Chief Branding Officer/Tobacconist Troy McNair Sr., who spent years traveling the world, working with some of the most influential hip-hop and R&B artists before choosing to settle down in the River City. McNair has a reputation as an expert on urban culture and a leading brand/tastemaker in Northeast Florida.

Downtown Cigar Lounge is not your average cigar lounge. DCL is a cigar brand with extensions that include: DCL AID, Sucker Free Stogie Show, DCL “Main Street” Cigar Line, Cigar 360 media, Black Smoke TV, Cigar Portfolio, Bold City Cigar Festival, DCL Lifestyle Marketing, and “DCL Cigars, Coffee & More” (locations coming soon).